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Friday, October 2, 2009

Clean development mechanisms

Clean development mechanisms are carbon offsets that invest in projects that reduce emissions and can also reduce poverty in developing countries. They are carbon reductions that are additional to those that would otherwise have occured. CDM's can be habitat restoration, clean energy technology, methods to reduce deforestation and cooking fires.Check out this file on three stone stoves.

The thin blue line around the planet is our atmosphere. Too much carbon in the atmosphere traps heat and changes the delicate balance of that thin blue line that provides all life. Wherever we take CO2 equivalent out of the atmosphere it is valuable all over the planet.

We are industrious and capable of great things.

We understand the crucial importance of Green house gas reductions and restoring biodiversity to balance the web of life.

As a people we can follow the laws of nature and restore our beautiful planet.

Human activity needs to use 15% less carbon a year to become carbon neutral by 2025

5% Conservation
5% Efficiency
5% New Technology
are the dials we turn
to reduce carbon.
Each Person,
Each Industry,
Each Inventor
needs to turn down their carbon by 5% a year.

Compounding our interests Together Everyone Achieves MORE. TEAM

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