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Monday, October 26, 2009

Waiting for Porraige and Water

This well put in about 18 months ago currently sustains 500 people. This area in the Mara has not seen rain for two years. I was there during that last rain. I remember the panic I felt seeing thousands of dead Wildebeest carcasses float into the water stream of hundreds of villages along the Mara river.
Children go to school to get a meal. Usually corn and mush cooked over fires from the 50 lb. burlap WFP sacks. I go from school to school and find children lining up for a scoop of corn and see the little ones trying to carry some home for their siblings. It makes tears come to my eyes every time I see it. As the cows die from drought and the milk dries up these children will soon be facing the dire consequences of malnutrition that has come about from climate change today. Yes these are the consequences of climate change, our emissions here are killing children there. We are all complicit in this crime against humanity. Clean development mechanisms are an essential part of climate policy. They will provide sustainable development to those most affected by climate change......children like these.

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