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Sunday, November 29, 2009

What is your personal sustainability goal this year?

Everyone Can Make a Difference Today. Lets change our habits 1 step at a time.

Reducing our emissions by 5% a year can add up to the needed 80% reductions by 2030.

Reduce consumption, increase efficiency & provide clean energy replacements for fossil fuels at 5% a year. Contributing to sustainable development also reduces global emissions and poverty caused by climate change.

What is your personal sustainability goal this year?
Choose at least 1 this year. Here are 10 5% Steps you can try.

The following save Money, Resources and reduce emissions by about 5%

1.Drive 10 miles less a week2.Reduce thermostat by 3%3.Insulate windows & doors4.Install CFL bulbs
5.Hang it out to dry6. Lower water temperature inLaundry & water heater7.Eat 50% less meat and fish
8.Use 50% less packaged food9.Buy or grow organic local foodsEspecially milk.
10.Shower with a friend, plant a tree, a kitchen garden & compost.

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