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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Protect Our Atmosphere

The thin blue line around the planet is our atmosphere. Too much carbon in the atmosphere traps heat and changes the delicate balance of that thin blue line that provides all life.


Together Everyone Achieves MORE
MoreRewards is a consumer rewards program that banks 1% of your credit card purchases in carbon reductions to offset the footprint of your purchase. This 1% is matched by corporate sponsors doubling your investment in restoring the environment.
MoreRewards investment offsets specifically focus on storing carbon permanently in habitat restoration and international development projects that can provide food and water security to those most affected by climate change.
MoreRewards believes that collectively we can restore biodiversity, and end hunger in our life time by accepting carbon as a complimentary global currency. Carbon is the first currency directly related to global health.
Invest 1% and create valuable carbon savings for your future.
Our site will soon help you manage and trade your valuable carbon Rewards points.

Balanced lives and business require integrated values achieved through full-spectrum, bio-diverse savings, banking and accounting. Carbon is the currency of full-spectrum accounting. Start banking carbon today and have MORE of what matters.

Find out how our stuff creates global warming.
Calculate and manage your impact.
Get involved Create an action on October 24th Find out how to expand a positive footprint invest in someone
Restore habitat understand carbon offsets

Help MORE rewards build a carbon credit union, contact daisy at
Every day our carbon contributions need to be reversed. We can do this through restoring habitat and providing food and water security to those most effected today by climate change. Offsetting carbon provides MORE (money, organisms, resources and ecology) MORE of what we all need and want.

"From water scarcity to climate change, governments, communities and organizations are being challenged to cope with interrelated global issues. Footprint Forum: The Opportunity of Limits is designed to create the kind of learning and idea-sharing that will strengthen corporate strategy, support government innovation, advance human development, and move the sustainability agenda forward in a time of increased ecological limits. The Forum will allow you to share your best practices and ideas, as well as learn how other amazing individuals are using the Footprint in innovative and impactful ways." Global Footprint Network.

Are we playing Truth or Dare with our future?

350 Maasai children want you to know they are ready to help end global warming. Hear them speak on Oct.24th about the importance of reducing Green House Gases to 350 parts per million to help save the biodiversity of Africa and their communities ability to access clean water.
Create your own action on October 24th by visiting
and show the world you care.

Clean development mechanisms are carbon offsets that invest in projects that reduce emissions in developing countries and are carbon reductions that are additional to those that would have otherwise have occured. CDM's can be habitat restoration, clean energy technology, methods to reduce deforestation and cooking fires.

We are industrious and capable of great things.

We understand the crucial importance of Green house gas reductions and biodiversity to restore balance to the web of life.

As a people we can follow the laws of nature and restore our beautiful planet.

If the planet used 15% less carbon a year we would be carbon neutral by 2025

5% Conservation
5% Efficiency
5% New Technology
are the dials we turn to reduce carbon.
Each Person,
Each Industry,
Each Inventor
needs to turn down their carbon by 5% a year.

Compounding our interests Together Everyone Achieves MORE. TEAM

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  1. I like the video with the massia children , did you do that? Maybe you could help with our cause.